Ayusha Wellness Spa Bali Ubud at Svarga Loka Resort

Ayusha Wellness Spa Bali Ubud at Svarga Loka Resort
Spa Bali Ubud
You can book Spa Bali Ubud for Ayosha Wellness Spa in Spaongo, Autocillin. Ayosha Wellness Spa is located in the heart of Ubud next to the Kampuan River. You can find this spa treatment in Svarga Loka Resort. 

This is an integrated health retreat that points to the healing energy and natural beauty of the area, as well as holistic treatments and ancient modern medical knowledge. This hidden gem offers luxury accommodation, plus a leading health care clinic, health spa, yoga and meditation, health food, military activities, morning walks and a selection of relaxing baths.

If you are looking for a healthy getaway that enriches the life or experience of Bali healing culture, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming in the Svarga Loka Resort. Located on the banks of the Kampuan River, Ayusha Spa Bali Ubud offers a truly Bali spa experience. Open spa treatments, scenic views of the river and the tropical green ocean offer very personalized therapeutic treatments. The Ayusha Spa features 3 riverfront suites (2 single rooms and 2 partner suites) and a riverfront platform where you can enjoy the far infrared steam baths and stunning river rock baths.

You can get genuine Balinese treatments with an amazing natural environment in Ayusha Spa Bali Ubud. Give up the natural sound of the river below and enjoy the warmth of a breeze. All the programs and care have been seriously designed by a team of international practitioners who have years of experience managing comprehensive treatments from East and West. 

This health program offers solutions for detoxification, stress and fatigue, healthy food, healthy lifestyle and yoga. All programs include detoxification, restorative care, yoga, meditation, meditation and participation in daily activities including martial arts, nature trips and health talks with the full support of inspirational health professionals and teachers.


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